Hasan Mansouri

Chairman's Message

I am proud to say that my company has grown from one man's dream to an organization that is recognized has an honest, dedicated and reliable partner in assisting our clients achieve their dreams and desires. This philosophy applies to all my diversified businesses, from hotel, restaurant to construction and real estate development. I am committed to the pursuit of excellence and continually review and evaluate my activities to strengthen our policies with our employees and clients in the countries and communities in which I operate. I aim to please our clients through dedication and attention to detail.

Through my business I am able to contribute to society by way of equal opportunity employment, manufacturing quality products, buildings, houses, and providing services that will serve honestly the communities in which my company operates; the benefits of which will be realized for years to come. This is what good hard work is all about.

Thank you for your interest our business.

Hasan Mansouri


2009 Copyright Hasan Mansouri